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Showroom visits
Unique designs
UK owned
Consistent sizes

Mission & Values

Our mission is to help school owners and teachers sell better; so they can enjoy more freedom in their business and in their life.

Employing modern logistics and technically advanced manufacturing partners, our mission is to keep pushing on the boundaries of costume and tutu design, quality construction, fabrics, and finishing.

Original Design
British inspiration and design development is core to our product offering, it is in our DNA.
We will always be focused on solving problems and bringing value to dance studio owners and dance teachers.
Meticulous in quality 
All our costumes, tutus and dancewear are strongly constructed as if they were for daily use.  With an immediate look and feel of high quality in one’s hand, they are a cut above the rest on stage
Price Competitive 
What is the point of being customer-centric and meticulous in quality if we are not also STRONGLY price competitive? We are and always will be.
Time Sensitive 
All orders are processed as soon as possible in the warehouse and dispatched by overnight courier.  We will keep you informed of any delays and can confirm the latest delivery windows at the checkout.