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Can I order costumes without an account?

Diva Costumes Ltd sells only to Dance Schools and Dance Teachers, if you are neither of these please let your teacher know you would like to purchase one of our costumes and we can easily open an account for them.

If you want to send the designs you like directly to your teacher you can use our TELL MY TEACHER feature.

What is tell my teacher?

Through this feature can send a message to your teacher through us, attaching as many designs as you want, you simply have to: choose a design, click on the heart, fill in you and your teacher’s details.

We recommend you include your size in the message to help your teacher out!

How do I apply for a Diva account?

To apply for an account, fill in the online application. 

What are the criteria for opening an account?

We accept the following evidence of business or professional status:
The more information provided the quicker we can establish your business or professional status.
Current PL insurance document
Current DBS certificate (related to business)
Website (if your email address belongs to the website)
Facebook business page (if your name is linked to the business)
Copy of teaching qualification

How do I contact Diva?

Please use the Contact form for Diva Costumes

Is it possible to see Diva designs in a retail shop?

No, but you can come to our showroom by invitation. If you already have an account, please contact Diva with your business name and contact details and arrange a personal viewing at a time to suit yourself.

If you do not have an account sign up here

I have forgotten my password/username, how do I access my account?

Go to log in.
Click on the reset password link and follow the instructions.
A password will be emailed to your registered account. Use this password to access your account.

Can I order a catalogue?

If you have an account with Diva you will automatically receive the new catalogue. If you require more, simply make contact from your account and tell us the number of catalogues you require.

Does my purchase come with a protective bag?

Yes, every purchase comes with a protective bag and hanger.